Microwave Digestion Instrument A6

Efficient and Safe Experiment

The microwave digestion system is a helpful tool for elemental analysis methods like AAS, AFS, ICP, ICP-MS, as well as for analyses involving GC, HPLC, GCMS, and others. It efficiently processes a wide range of organic/inorganic/liquid/solid samples, completing tasks such as digestion, extraction, protein hydrolysis, concentration, drying, and organic synthesis within 20 minutes.

·Professional all-digital microwave source

·Vertical/Horizontal bidirectional waveguide design

·Non-contact infrared temperature measurement system

·Full vessel pressure control technology

·High-power turbulent flow exhaust cooling system

·Easy program setup

·Real-time updating of temperature operating curve and temperature bar graph

·Explosion-proof sight window

·Mechanical safety protection device

·SUS316 stainless steel microwave chamber

·High-strength structural anti-corrosion casing for the entire machine

·Built-in LED multi-color light recognition system

 A6 Brochure