Experimental Electric Hot Plate HT-300

Easy to Clean and Resistant to Rust

The Experimental Hot Plate is a specialized device designed for maintaining a constant temperature and heating digestion of samples during the analysis of chemical elements. It can precisely control temperature and heating time, ensuring uniform sample heating to enhance experimental accuracy and efficiency. Widely employed in fields such as environmental monitoring, agricultural and food inspection, product quality control, scientific research, and disease prevention and control.

·Glass-ceramic tabletop, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant and rust-free (with superior performance such as chemical corrosion resistance, heat shock resistance, high mechanical strength, etc.).

·Wear-resistant, smooth surface easy to clean, can be cleaned with a single wipe.

·The super large heating area can easily accommodate multiple triangular flasks, which is convenient for batch sample digestion and processing.

·Adopting split control mode, it can be controlled outside the fume hood, isolating acid mist, which is safe and easy to operate.

·The temperature peak can reach 400°C, it can heat evenlyand the temperature and heating duration can be adjusted by yourself. It will automatically stop working when the timer ends.

·It has a thermal warning display. When the heating surface temperature exceeds 50°C, the large warning light turns red to indicate the warning, which is more thoughtful in design.

·Extra-long control wire, can control from a distance away from the heating


·The large LCD screen displays information intuitively.

·The whole machine is designed without buttons and is protected with multi-layered Teflon anti-corrosive paint which greatly extends the devices lifespan.


HT-300 Brochure