Agricultural Food Inspection

Through preprocessing, organic and inorganic substances in samples, such as pesticide residues and heavy metals, can be decomposed to ensure accurate analysis and detection, thus safeguarding food safety.

Environmental Monitoring

Preprocessing of samples is essential to ensure accurate measurement of pollutants and other key parameters in the environment by converting complex environmental samples into suitable forms for analysis.

Product Quality Control

These preprocessing instruments ensure that the product quality meets standards, reduce variability in the production process, and enhance product consistency and stability.

Scientific Research

The application of these preprocessing instruments aids scientists in accurately controlling sample handling conditions during experiments, thereby obtaining reliable experimental results.

Disease Prevention and Control

The application of these preprocessing instruments assists laboratories in preparing samples for improved detection and analysis of disease markers.pathogens, thereby aiding in the prevention and control of disease spread.

Commercial Laboratory

Oil analysis laboratories offer analysis services to their clients. These laboratories extensively utilize our instruments to analyze both new and used lubricants.